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VFX Compositing / Matte Painting

ShowReel Till 2020


VFX Mentoring, On-demand class, and Pre-made Classes.

HongKyoung  Kim, has worked in Film industries since 2014.

Main practices includes in VFX roto, paint, compositing and matte painting.

This site is to provide on-demands tutorials and mentoring to any levels who want to get better. 

Simply book your time and buy minutes/hours for my service to improve your knewledge. You can also buy a whole on-demand class session only for yourself.

1:1 Mentoring

I, HongKyoung  Kim is providing 1:1 mentoring at your best time. 

1:1 Mentoring is providing quick and fast solution to your questions and issues.

Any questions and guide to related any professional level will be provided.

Questions and guide can be any technical questions or professional solutions to your struggles in daily tasks.

Example questions : 

- Do you have good tactics to get in to the VFX field?

- Can I build a showreel for two fields?

- What is your approach to fix these issues?

Get Mentorship

How to use


You like to get my help.

1. Just Book and buy time slot below as you wish.

2. I communicate with you for an initial solution of your question.

3. I will meet you online lecture at your scheduled time slot.  I will send you a link earlier for the webinar.

4. After a webinar, I will provide you an actual recording of our session to your email for your further experiment with working scripts and files.

* You are paying Canadian Dollar*